Thriller Thursday- A Rootin’ Tootin’ Classroom!

Today’s post will double as a “Thriller Thursday Theme” and my classroom reveal!

Thriller Thursdays ButtonAnd what is my classroom theme this year? Western! This is the second year in a row that I’ve done the western thing. Before that I didn’t have a theme-theme, I just used a color scheme. But when I moved from 4th grade to 2nd grade in a new school I decided to go all out. And that’s exactly what I did. Maybe a little too far actually! I chose western because as a child I loved horses (I still love them, just not obsessed like I was at 8), I also like patriotic colors, and I already had a few things that could work. Then when I announced my theme, western related items came out of the woodworks. My mother-in-law scavenged around in her parents barn for goodies, my mother went antiquing for more goodies, and of course I might have bought a few things too! So here it is! My western room:

Western Classroom Welcome Sign Made from Jute

The Back Wall

Western Classroom

I made the bandana bunting by cutting bandanas in half and hot glueing the top edge to laundry rope.

Western Classroom Library

Here are a few facts about my classroom library and listening center:

  • The blue bins I got a Fred’s on sale! I bought them a couple of years ago and they are holding up great.
  • The turning rack I bought at a Borders that was going out of business.
  • The headphones are hanging on a planter box. I also put the current book they are listening to  in the box along with the ipod or cassette player.

The Side Wall

Western Classroom Decor

Western Classroom Decor

The cabinets are bare now, but they will be covered with anchor charts before too long! I hang them using the clothes pins at the top.

Western Classroom Decor

Please ignore the pottery barn sticker that is still on the flower pot. I just can’t seem to get it off  am too lazy to get it off.

The Other Side Wall

Western Classroom Decor

Western Classroom Bulletin Board

This is my accelerated reading board and writing board. For the  “Riding Across the AR Trail” board, I put numbers at the bottom for our monthly goal. Then the covered wagons move west toward their goal. How’s that for a little westward expansion lesson embedded in my incentive board? Currently on my writing board is a paper entitled, “Introducing Your Teacher” from my 2011-2012 class.

Western Classroom Decor

Hands down, my most favorite thing in my classroom is my super improvers board. It is new to the room, as this will be my first year implementing Whole Brain Teaching (super excited about that one). A (very) close second are the denim and bandana curtains I sewed this summer with my new sewing machine I got for my birthday! I also really like the “Howdy Partner” pillow in the rocking chair that I got at a thrift store. And of course I love my rocking chair that it sits in, that came from my dear sister-in-law (who also teaches 2nd) for christmas a few years ago. Basically, I just love my room! I guess that’s a good thing since I live work here!

Western-Themed Super Improvers Wall

I love how the white cards are sticking out from the cowboy hats. They remind me of little bandanas! That wasn’t planned, just a bonus! The cowboy hats (eventually, I’ll put the students’ names on them) are glued onto clothes pins. That way I can change the color cards easily.  And to hold the stickers for the SIW, I used a pocket from an old pair of my husband’s jeans.

Western Classroom Decor

Western Classroom Bulletin Boards

This is my objectives board and classroom jobs board. I will assign the jobs by writing their names on the sheriff badges.

The Front Wall

Western Classroom Decor

Western Classroom

Yes, that is horse wallpaper border around my desk/guided reading area. I first thought it was a bit over-the-top, but now I kind of like it. It makes it feel homey! Also you probably can’t see it too well, but I made the calendar month label. Here’s a close-up of the labels. They are available in red here at my TPT store for FREE!

Free Printable: Western Calendar Months

That’s it! That’s my western classroom! This time last year I didn’t even have a job yet, and now I have my room essentially done! It feels good.

Now for the promised linky party:

Our First Ever Linky Party!

Classroom Theme Linky Party

Here are the rules:

    • Please post your classroom theme, old or new. It doesn’t have to be a theme-theme, it can be a color scheme too.
    • Please become a follower of our blog!
    • Please put our button on your blog post (or at least leave a link).
    • When you link up, in the “name” field put the name of your theme (ex: western). That way people will be able to browse through the themes. It would also be a great idea to use a picture of your room for the thumbnail!
    • Be sure to check out the other links and leave a comment for them too!
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Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. So cool! My 5 year old’s son is decorated in Cowboy/Western theme (more my choice than his) so I am in love with this classroom!! I would have loved it as a kid as well!! Great job!

  2. Your room is amazing! I can’t wait to link up. Loving everything about it. I especially love the super improver wall. I want to do this too.
    ✣ Miss Nelson✣
    Miss Nelson’s Blog

  3. Good job, I’m sure the kids will appreciate all your hard work. Have a good year.

  4. I teach 4th grade and love the age. Hope you have a good year!

  5. Your classroom looks great! I think you might enjoy mine too because we share the same theme! Hop on over to my blog
    Or simply click on the link in the Linky Party and check it out. I would love for you to follow me and grab my button while you are there!!!


  6. I LOVE what you’ve done with your room! It’s adorable!! I put skirts around my tables too but it never occurred to me to add a ruffle. I plan to link up with my classroom theme as soon as I put a few finishing touches to it.

  7. Oh So Creative – Love It – thanks for sharing!

  8. I LOVE your super improver wall!!! My classroom is also a western theme and I was looking for a way to make a super imrover wall to go with my theme. Love yours! You said the hats are glued to clothes pins and that is a very clever idea. How is it all attached to the wall? I didn’t see any push pins or anything.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. LOVE the jeans pocket idea for holding stickers. Wonder if that work in my craft room? Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! My husband was getting rid of some of his jeans, and I really wanted to find a way to incorporate at least one pair into my classroom before I donated them! The pocket was so large that I had to stuff the bottom so that the stickers stuck out. I wouldn’t have had this problem if I had used a pair of kids jeans.

  10. I love your classroom! Mine is also western and I have been looking for ways to “tweak” it and add some new things. I was curious how your management chart works next to your “super improvers” board. I have been looking for a new management idea and love that idea to go with the western theme!


  11. I’m curious about the logistics your super improvers board. How do you show which level the student is on? you change out the paper under each hat to coordinate with the color of the level the student is on? Anything else you could add about how you use it in your classroom would be great!

    • I would be glad to explain it for you, but someone else already has! This is one of the best descriptions of the SIW out there. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.

  12. For some reason I can’t view any of these pictures. I keep trying to subscribe but nothing is sent to my email. Any ideas???

  13. Sally W says:

    Do you have a printable for the Texas Rangers, Dude, Bronco,etc..?

  14. where did you get your cowboy hat cutouts for the improvement board?

  15. I used this as inspiration for my room! Where did you get your large cowboy cut out that is holding the lasso? I also put up a big lasso in my reading nook and I need a cowboy to hold it! I can’t find any big ones anywhere!

    • I actually made it! I found a clipart I liked, projected the picture onto my smartboard, taped up some butcher paper, and traced it! Then I painted it with acrylic paint and outlined it with a sharpie. You can make anything that way!!


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