Super Nursery for a Superhero!

Hey everyone! “Long time, no see,” as they say. It’s been awhile since we’ve posted….a long while actually. But, we’re back and ready to take on the world!!! Haha, ok, maybe not, but we are ready to share lots of things that we’ve been up to: events, crafts, projects, etc…

The first and most significant thing that has happened in my life since I last posted, was that I became a mom to a precious little baby boy in January. He’s my first kid, so I’ve been busy learning how to be a mom and spending time with my wonderful bundle of joy. :)


All that to say, it’s about time I posted some pictures of my son, David’s, nursery!  This is probably the biggest project that I’ve accomplished over the last several months, mostly before he arrived (thankfully!) and a little bit recently with the help of gifts from friends and family (including my sister!) Ok, let’s take a look, shall we?

Superhero WreathFirst, before entering, the door to the nursery features an awesome comic themed wreath. Look familiar? It should. My sister, Julia, made it! The wreath is a clue to what theme we decorated his room in….

Superhero Nursery IMG_1076Superheroes! (of course) And not just any superheroes… Marvel! As Julia has mentioned before, my husband is crazy about his Marvel characters, especially Spider-man. Throughout David’s nursery you will see touches of Marvel characters and primary colors that we thought would help to brighten up the room and allow for an easier transition into a little boy’s room in the future.

IMG_0848  IMG_0853IMG_0849  IMG_0855IMG_0854IMG_0858

Originally, I envisioned his nursery being a more vintage/muted color scheme with hints of Spider-man here and there. As time went on, it evolved into a more modern design due to furniture selections and art projects. But I love it! It’s perfect. The different things we were able to incorporate makes it a perfect mix between mine and my husband’s creations/visions… which makes sense, because our son is a perfect mix of the two of us!

Before David was born I would go in the room just to look at it stand in awe of it’s beauty! Does anyone else do that? Here are some highlights of the room and little moments that make me happy! Some are crafty/DIY projects made by none other than mommy and daddy!

IMG_0845  IMG_0846

  • Personalized Captain America Shield made by a friend at church
  • Handmade Mobile made by Mommy

IMG_1077a  IMG_0851

  • Typography art in frame made by Julia! (Can you spot our hero’s name?)
  • Huge D that stands for David, Mod-Podged with comics old and new

IMG_0860  IMG_0861 

  • Vintage Captain America Poster (Peel and Stick) present from Daddy
  • 3 frames featuring pictures of Daddy, David, and Mommy as babies & hooks used to show off the little hero’s wardrobe. Later he can hang his coats and things here.

IMG_0868  IMG_0867

  • These are Mommy’s, Daddy’s and baby’s first teddy bears
  • Just a close-up of his library. He has books about him as a baby! (the No David! series)

Mod Podge FrameMod Podge Light Switch Cover  Mod Podge Picture Frame- Spiderman

I made these by Mod Podging comics onto wooden frames and an existing light switch cover.

Picture Frame For Months of Baby

This is a special frame from Target that a friend gave us. It will feature David’s monthly photos, and later, his years in grade school! (Ahh, not yet. He’s just a baby!) Until then, I’ve filled in the frame with numbers and cute backgrounds using scrapbook paper.

IMG_0884  IMG_0881IMG_0882  IMG_0880

These are canvases of Marvel heroes that Daddy created using glue and spray paint. It was an idea from Pinterest! I like how you can’t see the faces until you get closer. And we can use them to teach him his colors!


My aunt sent us this beautiful quilt! It’s so cool! It’s pieces of blue jean and Marvel flannel sewn together in a patchwork look. I can picture it on his toddler/big boy bed one day.

IMG_0879  IMG_0885 

  • Between Mommy and Daddy’s stuffed animals and gifts from others, he needed a toy hamper!Can you spot the Marvel heroes peeking out?
  • In the corner of the crib, Daddy’s old Spidey watches over baby at night.

Before you go, here’s the little superhero himself…

david 4 month close-up
Hope you liked David’s nursery! Thanks for stopping by! Have a MARVELous day!!!

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  1. Elizabeth Hartley says:

    Love the room and of course the pics of the little super hero

  2. I love this… Such great detail…. And congratulations on your bundle of joy!

  3. I especially love that quilt I copied the photo and put it on my new web page. Check it out at

  4. Love the room, Leslie. You all did a great job!

  5. This is the coolest nursery I’ve even seen, but then I’ve always been a big fan of Marvel superheroes. It’s the perfect room and will evolve with him. Having raised two boys myself I can tell you that it will be the most rewarding, fun, Marvelous project you will ever take on. Mine two have been the joy of my life. Congratulations.

  6. So cute. Love the nursery.

  7. Hannah Werthan says:

    Hi Leslie,

    My name is Hannah and I work for Parents Magazine. I would love to feature this nursery as part of a unique nurseries slideshow roundup that I am doing for

    Please email me if you’d be interested!

  8. The superhero print “made by Julia” is an exact copy of a Rosie Robins design- Please respect the designer and don’t pass this off as your own.

    • 2busybrunettes says:

      While I did use this print as inspiration for the design (I saw this in a printed out form from a friend, not from this designer.), you will notice it’s not an exact copy. Super heroes and fonts vary. I couldn’t justify spending $46 for something I had all the resources and wherewithal to make myself for close to nothing! It’s the same thing I do when I see something in a store and think, “I can do that!” I do respect the designer, and I appreciate the link so that others can find her shop. Thanks!

  9. my husband and i are doing a superhero nursery, and have not found a crib sheets we like. i love the sheet you have here. i would love to know where to get it.

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