Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Announcing that you are pregnant is such a fun thing to do! Now that the word is out about our news, I know that to be true!

When it’s time to let the secret out you can always say, “We’re expecting!” But I decided that would be too dull for such an exciting announcement. So of course I racked my brain to come up with some creative ways to spill the beans. Here’s what Google, Pinterest, and I came up with.

Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Baby Board Book

baby board book pregnancy announcement

I’m a big reader. My mom’s a big reader. We both love children’s books. What better way to break the news than with a book? This was given to my mom on her birthday weekend. The little, “Will you read this to me in September” card along with the cover of the book made it evident they were going to be grandparents again!

The Best Sisters..

pregnancy announcement for sister

…get promoted to aunts. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell my sister in person. So instead I mailed her this print for her birthday. I printed it in a 5×7 and 8×10 so she could choose one to display (if she wanted to). I wrote on her package that I had made her something for her b-day and I wanted to see which one she like best so she needed to face time me before she opened it. Really, I just wanted to see her reaction!

Hello my name is..

hello my name is announcement

This is the way I announced it to my husband’s family. I had a friend visiting from Germany and we decided to throw a little “Welcome to Kentucky get-together” for her. It’s hard enough learning a bunch of people at one time, but I imagine it’s even harder when their names are names you’ve never heard of before. So to make it easy on my friend, we gave out name tags. After they were distributed, my husband said, “Oh! I forgot a name tag!” as he placed this one on my belly. Nucklehead #3 means grandkid #3 since that’s what my father-in-law affectionately calls his grandkids.

Future Fan Arriving Soon

Team Fan Bowls Pregnancy Announcement -

These bowls were for some dear grandparent-like friends of ours who are huge wildcat basketball fans. My husband and I painted them at a local paint-your-own-pottery store. When they were finished, we invited our friends over for taco soup. When they got to the bottom of their bowls, they saw our announcement! This was by far my favorite announcement. It was so fun! AND they got to take home a special keepsake.

We got lucky!

We Got Lucky Pregnancy Announcement -

It just so happened that St. Patrick’s Day fell right around the time we were planning to make our news public. We sent this print to our long distance friends. Then on St. Patricks Day we posted it on Facebook. We of course know that we didn’t get “lucky” but that this little miracle is a blessing from God.

Have a cool way to share the news? I’d love to hear it!

Looking for ways to share the news? I hope you’ve gained some inspiration here. If so, you’ll have to do what I did and pin this post to that secret board of yours on Pinterest. C’mon, I know you have one! ;)


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  1. I love this! Congrats!!! Miss you :)

  2. Laura Beth says:

    I love them all! I have several ideas for when the time comes, but I am keeping them to myself since you and Joshua will be on the receiving end. :)

  3. I love this so many good ideas of how to make this announcement fun!

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